What file and folder permissions do I need to install Dolphin?

Our servers are setup in a way that requires little to no changes to file and folder permissions to install Dolphin. In most cases, the only change needed is to make the /flash/modules/global/app/ffmpeg.exe file executable (755). For all other files and folders, we recommend:

  • Files: 644 (755 for ffmpeg.exe)
  • Folders: 755

During the permissions reversal step in the installer, you may be asked to change the permissions on the inc folder and some other files. This step can be safely skipped. If you do want to change the permissions on inc, set it to 555. Please note that this will prevent changes to the folder entirely, so make sure to undo this when editing any files or installing updates.

For sites at other hosts:

Sometimes we get asked about permissions for sites hosted elsewhere. In most cases, the rules above should still apply, but many hosts will differ. If 644 and 755 don't seem to be working, then most likely you'll need to set 666 for the listed files, and 777 for the listed folders. Your host will be able to tell you exactly what permissions are needed.
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