Dolphin permissions on shared

Our shared servers run PHP with FastCGI.  This keeps the speed favorable (but not as nice as DSO - as an Apache module), and also makes file and directory permissions less of a hassle.  For example, only one file and one directory need to have their permissions altered for Dolphin to be installed correctly.


You should set ffmpeg.exe to 755 for it to be read as executable.


/inc/ should be set to 555 during the permission reversal step.  You can leave it at its default permission of 755 and skip the step, but this isn't recommended.  It's not recommended at all.

You can change permissions for files and directories from the cPanel file manager.  Just select the file or directory and click the "Change Permissions" link in the toolbar.  Changes are not recursive - for example, making /inc/ 555 will not apply this same rule to all subdirectories.
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