How do I update my Dolphin site?

BoonEx releases full upgrade instructions with patch downloads on their help site:

You'll need to upgrade to each subsequent release. So for example, a site on Dolphin 7.3.2 will need to first upgrade to 7.3.3, then to 7.3.4, and so on. You should skip any beta or RC upgrades, unless your site is using a beta or RC build.

Important: Make a full site and database backup before starting any part of the upgrade process. While rare, incidents do happen, so it's important to have a backup in case you need to roll back your changes. You can create a backup easily by using the Backup Wizard in cPanel, or the Backup Manager in Plesk. For more help with creating a backup or to restore a backup, please open a support ticket from our client area.

We also offer an optional upgrade service for most sites, and can usually perform the upgrade at no cost depending on the amount of work required. You can request a site review at any time by opening a support ticket from our client area.
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