Install Dolphin with Softaculous

The days of complicated Dolphin installs are over. No need to upload a thousand files, change a hundred permissions, create databases, or fiddle with crons. With Softaculous, all it takes is the click or two of a button.

  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Requirements: Be able to rewire a UNIX mainframe fill in some fields and click a button

You’ll find Softaculous in cPanel, under the Software section.

Open Softaculous and select Dolphin. It’s in the list of available software. Hover over it and click the “Install” button.

You’ll see a few options to customize the install - site name, admin account, etc. You can leave it all as-is and change them later, or tweak the night away.

Note: Make sure to save the username/password!

Once satisfied, click the “Install” button. A nice progress bar will show for a few seconds, then the install details.

You’re all set. Just login and have fun with Dolphin!

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